lifepad O/S

100-Day Peak Experience powered by Ignite GPS

A self-paced, app-powered, community-rich
peak experience to help you design and launch
your Life Ignited in 100 days or less.


To live our deepest truth
and so fulfill our highest potential
and greatest promise for joy,
meaning and impact.

lifepad O/S starts May 2021

lifepad O/S is our 2021 response to life disrupted.


Our challenge: how to offer the same GPS-powered experience that has touched 3,000++ lives since 2017″



Joana Alberto
Ignite Centre for Peak Experiences




No one knows your life better than yourself. You will be led to your deeper and deeper truths so you can discover what truly makes you happy.



Deep dive by using an empathy driven and solution-focused guide that maps out smart and actionable steps that drive impact.



Enough of viewing, listening and getting inspired — keep on going from start to end by being part of a live community of practice.



Enter a safe space where you encounter the right questions in order to embrace the right answers to give you the reason to foster better habits and create a winning mindset.



Meaningful and authentic conversations that allow you to mirror, and appreciate who you are.

100 DAYS OF lifepad:



lifepad O/S starts May 2021

Learn more about the Ignite O/S
and GPS-powered peak experiences
that have touched 3,000++ people
since 2017


At Ignite, we know these to be true:


First, that I am gifted with my own Genius –
unique, unrepeated and unrepeatable
for all time.


Second, that my singular Genius bears
the thumbprint of Who I Am and Why I am Here.

Genius points to Purpose, Purpose to Genius.


Third, that I can only give out
of what I have been given.
And what I have been given,
I must give and live for others.

Genius finds its fullness in Service –
a Purpose bigger than self.


Fourth, that if I am honest and brave,
my Genius and Purpose will find
their manifest call in a shared Mission –
with others, for others.

A Mission rooted in finding
that particular slice of humanity
whose particular pains
I am particularly gifted
(and compelled!) to heal.


Fifth, that shared Mission
leads naturally to Collaboration.

Shared Mission demands
Shared Genius: mine, yours, ours.


If we are a collection of our own Genius –
each unique, unrepeated, unrepeatable –
where then can we go, but to Innovation.


We Ignite, therefore, not just for self,
but for each other.

Because what we are born to do,
we are born to do with others
and for others.

We need each other’s Genius.
And far beyond Genius,
we need each other to be on this journey,
to fulfill this necessary progression:
from a sense of our own individual
Genius, Purpose, and Service (GPS)
toward shared Mission and Collaboration,
and ultimately, to Innovation and Impact.


This is the path of transcendence.

This is how we lift each other
to heights we never in our wildest dreams,
or loftiest ambitions, dared.

Vector Smart Object

Lifepad is… That’s an emotional sentence for me to finish.


Lifepad is my life’s work and my work’s life, and so many more life experiences (and lessons, people and memories) all packed into a 100-day experience I am so moved to be able to share with you.


This is my story.


I’ve had many twists and turns in a career that has brought me to hundreds of cities all over the world, first as a flight attendant and cabin manager, then in HQ. After 27 years in aviation, I clipped my wings, and packed the manuscript that I worked on for 4 years entitled, #Metamorphosis: The Ultimate Makeover Manual for 40-Year Olds and Beyond, along with my certifications on wellness coaching and various healing modalities. In a matter of months, I went from wearing two hats in the airline, managing inflight performance while designing and delivering leadership programs to 120 nationalities, to leaving all that and holing up in India for a month – to learn yoga, find myself, reinvent my future.


I was 47 then, a wife and mother who had spent the best years of my life flying in and out of my family’s life. I had been an expat for so long. I was finally coming home to Manila with a new career in corporate wellness. I thought that was it, my final chapter, time to get settled before entering my golden era.


But no.


A wise friend once asked me… Joana, you’ve been in a perfect storm! You’re an extreme empath and you’ve met, served and managed so many more people from so many more countries in 27 years than most people do in 3 lifetimes: those dreams and pains and wants of so many people must have a way of sticking on you, haunting you, no?


Yes, exactly; they’ve haunted me.


Before I jumped into corporate, I designed a program for Filipina overseas workers – for people and pain I know so well. I designed a 6-month journey that would help them create their Dream Life Masterplan. I included all the right things I did and didn’t do, all the research and study, trial and error, consulting friends and experts, and sleepless nights in search for my truth. So OFWs long separated from their families can speed up their coming home — prepared. Well, my Dream Life Masterplan never reached a single soul. My intention was pure and noble. But I was alone for a huge mission.


Fast forward to 2017. A friend invited me to an Ignite gathering and I was never the same again. I found my space, found my missing pieces, found my partners and team. And I found the Ignite GPS: Genius, Purpose, Service. It was my finally embracing my own GPS that really put me on a new journey and challenge: to take care of people beyond wellnes, so they can be whole – so they can live their deepest truth and so fulfll their highest potential and greatest promise. That’s what I found in the Ignite GPS.


Today, with our team, I am proud to share with you, The Lifepad O/S powered by Ignite GPS. I find this a highly evolved version of all the programs that I have designed and delivered, from my experience as a leadership trainer to a corporate wellness consultant. The Lifepad O/S allows people to design their lives, find deeper joy and meaning — minus the pain of not knowing what to do, how to ask the right questions to find the right answers, and who will be there for them, and with them. Beyond job title, gender, culture, we are transforming lives. I am no longer alone in this mission.


Welcome to Ignite Centre for Peak Experiences’ community of practice, a pillar of Ignite House of Innovation, Home of Innovators.


Joana Alberto
Founder and Executive Director
Lifepad O/S

lifepad O/S

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Our lifepad cohort algorithm sets the number of seats open at any given time in order to optimize impact for all participants.


As such, we accept reservations on a rolling basis and will notify you when your slots have opened.


For early birds only: lifepad will be offered in a free version that allows you to taste before converting to a paid version. Out of respect, we do not take credit card or any other payment details until you tell us you want to upgrade.